Mobile Hospital Care Notary Service

Westchester County and Rockland County, NY

Experience compassionate notary services at your bedside or healthcare facility. Reliable mobile notaries, ensuring your important documents are properly handled in our care facility agreement.

We don’t accept walk-ins and work
by appointment only.


    Notarization at Your Healthcare Bedside

    Navigating important documentation during medical treatment shouldn’t add extra stress. At Jason Standard Mobile Notary, our Mobile Hospital Care Notary Service ensures you will get crucial documents like hospital care facility notary agreements properly notarized without leaving your bedside. We bring the notarization process directly to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and other care centers throughout Westchester and Rockland Counties.

    Our mobile team of skilled and insured notaries is ready to promptly visit your healthcare facility and provide professional notary services at your convenience. Whether you need a hospital care facility agreement or other documentation officially notarized, we’ve got you covered.

    Let us handle your notarization needs so you can focus on your recovery and well-being with peace of mind.

    Vital Documentation for Care Home Residents

    During an extended stay at a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facility, there are various legal documents that may require proper notarization. Our mobile notary services cater to the needs of care home residents, ensuring crucial paperwork is authenticated without disrupting your healing and recovery process.

    Some common documents we can notarize at your bedside include:

    • Durable Power of Attorney: Granting authority to someone to make decisions on your behalf
    • Health Care Proxy: Appointing a trusted individual to make medical decisions if you’re incapacitated
    • Living Will: Outlining your end-of-life care preferences and wishes
    • Certification of Trust: Validating the existence and terms of a trust agreement
    • HIPAA Waivers/Authorizations: Allowing the release of protected health information as needed
    • Care Home Residents Contracts: Formalizing the agreement with the healthcare facility
    • Assignment of Personal Property: Legally transferring ownership of assets
    • Mortgage, Banking, and Financial Documents: Handling important monetary matters

    With our mobile team’s prompt response, you can have these vital records officially notarized at your convenience, providing peace of mind during your care home residency.


    Ensuring a Smooth Bedside Notarization Experience

    When getting documents notarized in a healthcare setting, such as assisted living contracts or those impacted by the CMS nursing home arbitration rule, there are several critical considerations to ensure a smooth and legally valid process. Our mobile notaries are well-versed in navigating these unique circumstances.

    Key Points to Note:

    • The signer must have a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID for identity verification.
    • Ensure the signer is mentally sound, alert, and willing to sign documents voluntarily, especially crucial agreements like assisted living contracts.
    • Remove any potential external influences that could impact the signer’s free choice, including family pressures regarding nursing home arbitration clauses.


    Prior to Our Arrival:

    • Have all documents completed, except for the signature and notary sections.
    • Arrange for any required witnesses to be present (at least 18 years old, sound mind, no vested interest in assisted living contracts or arbitration outcomes).
    • Confirm the signer is not under the influence of substances that could impair judgment when signing legal documents.


    Our Role:

    • Verify the signer’s identity, willingness to sign, and understanding of the documents, including complex assisted living contracts or arbitration clauses.
    • Perform the notarial act in strict compliance with all legal requirements for healthcare settings.
    • Provide a professional, stress-free notarization experience at a healthcare facility, hospital, or nursing home.


    By following these guidelines, we ensure your bedside notarization for assisted living agreements, arbitration documents, or other healthcare contracts is handled efficiently and with the utmost integrity, protecting all parties involved.

    Prioritizing Your Rights: Our Hospital Care Notary Expertise

    Our mobile Hospital Care Notary Service offers unmatched advantages:

    • Bedside Convenience: Our notaries come to you, ensuring seamless document execution from your healthcare facility.
    • CMS Compliance: We adhere strictly to CMS guidelines, including the nursing home arbitration rule, safeguarding your rights.
    • Identity Verification: Proper ID checks prevent identity fraud on sensitive healthcare agreements.
    • Willingness Assessment: We ensure you understand and freely consent to documents like living wills or arbitration clauses.
    • Professionalism: Our discreet team handles notarizations with expertise and compassion.
    • Legal Validation: Our notarial acts lend official credibility to your healthcare directives and contracts.


    Trust our Hospital Care Notary Service for a hassle-free, legally sound experience.

    The Smart Choice for Stress-Free Healthcare Notarizations

    Getting important medical documents notarized can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our friendly mobile notary service team comes right to your hospital room or care facility. We make the process easy and convenient for you.

    You can count on us to handle everything properly. We follow all legal rules, including nursing home regulations. Our notaries carefully check identities and ensure you understand what you’re signing. No shortcuts – just professional service you can trust. Choose us to notarize healthcare directives, living wills, assisted living paperwork, and more in Westchester County and Rockland County, NY. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing it was done right.

    frequently asked questions

    Skilled notaries can notarize a wide range of vital documents for patients and residents. Documents such as durable powers of attorney, healthcare proxy, living will, trust certifications, HIPAA authorizations, care home contracts, property assignments, etc.

    We follow strict protocols to validate the signer’s identity, mental capacity, and willingness to sign. Check for government-issued IDs, make sure the signer is alert and free of undue influence, and comply with all requirements for healthcare settings.

    Absolutely. Our team stays up-to-date on evolving CMS guidelines, including the nursing home arbitration rule. As we notarize healthcare directives, arbitration clauses, and assisted living contracts, we protect your rights.

    We offer unparalleled convenience by bringing our mobile notaries directly to your bedside or care facility. Our expertise ensures strict legal compliance, accurate identity verification, willingness assessments, and professionalism.